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Our Mission

Our mission is to continue spreading Kelly’s Kindness throughout the community. We achieve this by providing free mindfully inspired art classes to youth in the community as a way to encourage positive connections and coping skills. These classes are open to all middle and high school aged youth but could be particularly helpful to those who may struggle with symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, OCD,  PTSD, and various other related mental health conditions. 

Our classes allow youth to tap into their creative process allowing them to strengthen positive neurological pathways while reducing the effects of both acute and long term stress. Creating art is a form of expression that can aid in healing both our minds and bodies. Kelly’s Kindness board members and volunteers help facilitate a safe space to encourage youth to engage in this expressive healing with both supportive peers and role models alike. We aim to ensure each class leaves participants instilled with a sense of community, positive coping strategies, and a lovely piece of their very own art to take home. 

Secondary to our art classes, we award scholarships to high school and college age students who submit an application, are approved by the board, and teach one of our art classes. Additionally, smaller scholarships are available to artistically gifted youth who submit a piece of artwork to be voted on at our annual fundraising event. More information about scholarship applications, deadlines, and criteria can be found on our website under the scholarships tab.

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