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Kelly's Kindness is a nonprofit organization that was founded by President Holly Hume in 2021 just months after losing her daughter, Kelly Hume, in a fatal car accident. During her life, Kelly was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and Trichotillomania. She fought resiliently to overcome this internalizing darkness for years.  Exhausting various therapeutic techniques, Holly eventually discovered that creating art was the only activity that consistently soothed Kelly in times of distress. Kelly’s art brought a healing light to her life and everyone she shared it with.

“Kelly was among the kindest, most forgiving, and thoughtful girls to grace this Earth. She was an amazing artist, daughter, sister, and friend to so many. Losing Kelly was, and still is, beyond painful, she was truly too kind for this world. Although I cannot bring her back, I can bring healing and light to myself, those who love her, and the community by keeping Kelly’s legacy of kindness and resiliency alive.”


-President and Founder Holly Hume

Losing Kelly inspired Holly to create this nonprofit as a way to help other struggling youth and ensure Kelly’s Kindness lives on forever in the hearts of many. Kelly’s Kindness aims to spread that kindness in the community by providing free art classes to youth, encouraging the use of mindfulness strategies and positive coping skills, awarding scholarships to high school and college students, setting weekly kindness goals, giving out yearly “Love Baskets” to nominated community members, and consistently practicing a culture of love and kindness.

Kelly’s Kindness is solely volunteer based and 100% of our proceeds go toward our classes, art supplies, scholarships, love baskets, and our annual fundraising event. We accept both item and monetary donations. Your generosity helps us support those in need. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting Kelly’s Kindness and the legacy it carries. 

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